NaNoWriMo Ideas for Magical Practitioners

As you've probably noticed, I've started posting small short stories here and over at my Patreon. I do a lot of originally writing and I'm a participant of National Novel Writing Month. It's a lot of fun but very time consuming and emotionally taxing.   Normally, NaNoWriMo is for novel writing, as the title … Continue reading NaNoWriMo Ideas for Magical Practitioners


October Roundup

Happy Halloween! I'm so very excited for Halloween and the fun plans for the day (and night). I'm definitely one of those people who puts on their costume early in the morning and wears it throughout the day. No regrets. If you aren't already, check out my instagram to see fun photos throughout the day. … Continue reading October Roundup

Free Twitter Tuesday Tarot Reading at @crookedcrown

Did you know I have a twitter? Well, I do! Mostly it contains community comments¬†or shop updates but is it legit the fastest way to find out what's up for This Crooked Crown at the moment. But what if it was more? ONE free tarot or oracle card reading will be given away every Tuesday … Continue reading Free Twitter Tuesday Tarot Reading at @crookedcrown

Introducing Spell Saturdays!

With witches comes spells right? (Well, usually). Spells are extremely commonplace in most witchcraft practices but finding the right spell for the job is one of the most difficult task a practitioner can have. Everyday I get spell requests from both practitioners and people looking just to dip their toe in magic. Some folks don't … Continue reading Introducing Spell Saturdays!

Road Trip! Rhode Island to New Orleans and Back Again!

So unless you've been living under a rock, you'll notice that it's September and almost October. You may have noticed that by checking the calendar but more likely you've noticed that because the autumn tumblr posts are back. For those of you who were paying special attention you have connected that with my RI-NOLA-RI road … Continue reading Road Trip! Rhode Island to New Orleans and Back Again!