Knot Your Garter

A while ago I was researching love divination superstitions when I came across an interestingly little charm from the 1696. To know whom one shall marry. You must lie in another county, and knit the left garter about the right legged stocking.. and as you rehearse these following verses, at each comma, knot a knot. … Continue reading Knot Your Garter

Tarot Emulation Attraction Spell

This is a spell to be attractive sexually. Let's not kid ourselves here. This spell's about physical attraction. It's about making you look sexy. It's not going to attract people to you that aren't already attracted to you and it's not going to get you a relationship. It's not going to give you a hook … Continue reading Tarot Emulation Attraction Spell

5 Tips to Loving Yourself + Tarot Spread

Quick post and then I'll let you get back to your evening. There's a ton of tips floating around about how to love and care for yourself. I'm not going to rehash all of that info because I'm sure you've run into it before. Here's some of my favorite ideas. Keep reading because there's a tarot/oracle/divination … Continue reading 5 Tips to Loving Yourself + Tarot Spread

5 Love Divinations to Reveal Your Sweetheart

Love divinations is one of the most common types of superstitions in the world. Everyone can probably vaguely recall at least one type of superstition that's suppose to reveal whether or not someone loves you or will love you. Open to any page in a superstition dictionary and you'll probably find a love related one. … Continue reading 5 Love Divinations to Reveal Your Sweetheart

Review: Bleu Cat Tarot

  Bleu Cat Tarot by Beth Seilonen and Schiffer Publishing  Status:  Currently reading with it Best for: Everyday questions but especially those with a fun or not-so-serious edge to them. Great for cat lovers or fans of the Siamese cat breed. Favorite cards: Magician, Sun, Tower Acquired from and date: Bought myself in early February 2014 from Amazon   … Continue reading Review: Bleu Cat Tarot

How to Find the Perfect Tarot Deck for You

Reading tarot cards is often considered a stable of magical practitioners. Lots of people read tarot cards though (and many magical practitioners do not) so there's about eleventy-billion ways to learn how to read tarot and even more reasons to read tarot. First, let's get that troubling superstition about buying your own deck out of … Continue reading How to Find the Perfect Tarot Deck for You

The Myth of Buying Your First Tarot Deck

There's this superstition that you cannot buy your first (or any) tarot deck for yourself. It should be bought for you, given, or stolen but you should never buy it for yourself. If you do, the deck won't work for you, or it'll have negative energy, or bad luck, or whatever. It's not a superstition … Continue reading The Myth of Buying Your First Tarot Deck

Scrying Spell For Inspiration (Spell Saturday #32)

Sometimes the muses are just not playing and you need to get something on paper or under that horrid little blinking line in a word document. Instead of staring blankly at the screen and then surfing the web, try this spell instead. This is one of those spells that requires a lot of thinking to … Continue reading Scrying Spell For Inspiration (Spell Saturday #32)

Divination Tool Review: Halloween Oracle

Halloween Oracle by Stacey Demarco & Blue Angel Publishing Status: Currently reading with it Best for: Halloween and autumn but it offers the truth in an interesting and unique way. Great for all questions all year around. Favorite cards: The Veil, Invisibility, Scrying I'll admit it: I love Halloween and when I saw this Halloween Oracle … Continue reading Divination Tool Review: Halloween Oracle